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The short answer is "Ben Pakluski has taken a scientific approach to gaining Muscle faster than previously thought possible. This ground breaking system is now known as MI40.

Forty is representative of the number of days in the program (40 days), the amount of time in a set (40 seconds), the rest between sets (40 seconds), and the number of exercises divided into MASS Construction exercises and MASS Appeal exercises.

Yes, In fact, I have always preferred working with drug-free trainees because it's more of a challenge and requires a more thoughtful & intelligent approach. We must carefully analyze every aspect if we want them to beat their non drug-free counterparts! They often tend to be much more receptive to an intelligent "whole body" approach.

Yes, The smarter bodybuilders, like myself, focus on how to optimize recovery: short term and long term. This is the limiting factor to muscle growth! The faster you can recover, the more time you spend being anabolic (growing). Improve your capacity to recover faster and you can train again sooner to stimulate more new growth.

Yes, the MI40 System is the same system that helped me become one of the top 15 ranked pro bodybuilders in the world. The same system that has landed me on dozens of magazine covers such as Muscular Development, Flex, MuscleMag and many more… It's the MI40 Training System that has transformed the lives of hundreds of regular males & females all over the world – and the same system that will teach you the scientifically optimal way to achieve your ultimate body.

Remember, this is a 40 day system that can be replicated over avd over again. That having been said; I offer a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee! How can you go wrong, 60 days to try out a 40 day program and if you think it sucks, I will give you your money back.